Given the current situation and uncertainty about when restaurants will be able to re open, and restrictions on visits to homes of friends and family expected to be eased in the coming months, I wanted to create a dinner party service where people are able to entertain easily at home, without the need to hire a chef for the evening.

Our Jake’s Kitchen delivery service is perfect for those who love to entertain at home, who have an interest in great food, but perhaps without the time or desire to spend hours in the kitchen creating mess and stress.

All of our menus are created with simplicity and taste in mind. Everything is pre prepared so that it just needs to be reheated, or in a few cases cooked fresh. Easy to follow instructions for each dish will be provided along with a time plan to help you ensure everything is ready at the same time, allowing you time to spend with your guests.




4 Person minimum - 48hrs Devliery Time

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